Who Am I?

Lana Lane is founded by yours truly, Balot Amechachura-Del Rosario, writer at Chronicles of a Clueless APAS Mama and a certified aromatherapist. I am a marketing professional with more than 13 years of experience in the field of marketing, public relations and corporate communications. But beyond my profession, my main advocacies are spreading awareness about safe use of essential oils and of course, about reproductive-immuno disorders.

In 2017, I was introduced to the wonderful world of essential oils. At the start, I ventured into oils because I was looking for something that could help with my husband’s snoring (who’s with me??!!). Eventually, I used it for my toddlers, as well.

Essential Oils Philippines

However, sometime in 2018, I had an unfortunate accident with my essential oils. My sister, who is in her early twenties, got sensitized when she used a popular blend for headache. She broke into red patches and was in the brink of tears.

It was a good thing that I was equipped with some research on oils. I asked her to wash her face and neck with soap and water and slathered carrier oil all over.

Inside, I was terrified.

Because of this incident, I realized that I needed to educate myself further on safe and more effective use of essential oils especially since I was using it for my son, Santi, who was barely two at that time.

I started with free webinars from different aromatherapy schools.

What started as some casual affair with oils grew into something deeper. I fell in love with these wonderful products of nature even more. I loved learning how it can complement our lifestyle and nudge it towards something more natural. I loved learning about the plants where it came from. I loved most of the aromas. I loved creating blends for family and friends.

And so, I went down the rabbit hole.

Today, I have finished more than 300 hours of essential oil studies and I am now a certified aromatherapist. I breathe and live this newfound passion.

My desire is really to educate moms like ms, who wish to learn about essentials oils in an unbiased way, especially its safe usage because it should be a priority when using the oils for our children.

The science behind these oils is so amazing and this journey has taught me that not just because it is natural, it is ALWAYS good. We need to know how to use these products so that they can benefit us and not cause any unnecessary harm.

At the heart of all of this is really the passion to share to as many people as I can how they can nudge themselves towards a more natural lifestyle in a more practical way.

I hope you share this journey with me. Thank you for being here.