Lana Lane E0101 Workshops

I kicked off my Essential Oils 101 and Aromatherapy workshops last May and it was fun, fun, fun!

When I finished my certification, I was excited to help women like me have more confidence in their blending. One way to do that is to really teach about blending techniques, proper dilution guides and most importantly safety guidelines.

The first workshop was an EO101 class held at The Work Pod where we discussed safety guidelines and the basics of aromatherapy. We also had a make&take session that got everyone worked up. YAAAY!

The second workshop was in partnership with Casa de Lorenzo, Aromatherapy for the Working Woman.

We made roller blends, inhalers and body washes. We discussed first-aid remedies when adverse reactions occur and so much more!

I am so happy to share my knowledge and my experience, and at the same time, meet many like-minded individuals who are looking for more ways on how to beef up their health arsenal at home with the use of essential oils.

The Internet can be full of misguided and inaccurate information and it is best to know how to use the essential oils safely especially when you will use it for your children.

If you are looking into attending some aromatherapy workshops this June, check out my Aromatherapy and School Children course and Aromatherapy and Women’s Self-Care.

See you there!

Yours in this aromatic journey,