Lana Lane E0101 Workshops

I kicked off my Essential Oils 101 and Aromatherapy workshops last May and it was fun, fun, fun!

When I finished my certification, I was excited to help women like me have more confidence in their blending. One way to do that is to really teach about blending techniques, proper dilution guides and most importantly safety guidelines.

The first workshop was an EO101 class held at The Work Pod where we discussed safety guidelines and the basics of aromatherapy. We also had a make&take session that got everyone worked up. YAAAY!

The second workshop was in partnership with Casa de Lorenzo, Aromatherapy for the Working Woman.

We made roller blends, inhalers and body washes. We discussed first-aid remedies when adverse reactions occur and so much more!

I am so happy to share my knowledge and my experience, and at the same time, meet many like-minded individuals who are looking for more ways on how to beef up their health arsenal at home with the use of essential oils.

The Internet can be full of misguided and inaccurate information and it is best to know how to use the essential oils safely especially when you will use it for your children.

If you are looking into attending some aromatherapy workshops this June, check out my Aromatherapy and School Children course and Aromatherapy and Women’s Self-Care.

See you there!

Yours in this aromatic journey,


Essential Oil Workshops – June

I am so excited to kick off two new workshops this June (for now) – Aromatherapy and School Children and Aromatherapy for Women’s Self Care. 

I thought of giving this workshop for moms of school kids in time for the opening of classes (Santi is also entering pre-nursery this June!!!) just so they can maximize the oils that they have in their apothecary. Essential oils are awesome tools in every mom’s cabinet which can promote many positive effects on one’s household. 

Essential oils, for me, are great complementary products that can help moms achieve a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

However, there are many misguided and inaccurate information on the Internet. This is why I really advocate educating people about the safe use of essential oils because they are potent substances that can help when used properly but at the same time, can cause harm if one does not know the safety guidelines, especially for kids. 

On top of that, I am also doing an Aromatherapy for Women’s Self Care, geared primarily for the busy, overwhelmed working moms, work-at-home moms, and even single ladies. Sometimes, we forget to pamper ourselves that we burn out so fast. I am a believer of Covey’s Sharpening the Saw, and I think self-care is one thing to do just that. 

If you are interested in this one, these are the details and the course outline — 

To register, you can go to and I will get in touch with you soon! Hope to meet you in one of my workshops!

Yours in this aromatic journey, 

Balot Del Rosario | Certified Professional Aromatherapist

I am now a Certified Professional Aromatherapist!

That still brings kilig to my heart. I didn’t imagine that a title can bring so much joy and happiness to one person but calling myself an aromatherapist gives me more sense of fulfillment in my professional life.

My journey as an aromatherapist is just starting. I am absorbing as much information as I can, studying and researching from various schools of thought and application to integrate them to my own set of practice.

Certified aromatherapist philippines

Certified aromatherapist philippines

Certified aromatherapist philippines

I believe that using essential oils as a complementary modality is here to stay and the future holds so much exciting things for all of us who just loooove our essential oils.

If you want to know more about essential oils, visit 🙂

See you, there!

Yours in this aromatic journey,